Just Keep Swimming

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Person standing on a scale with a display that reads "Help!"

Plateau broken….The number on the scale plateaued for me some weeks ago. The scale was reading the same every day. Every darn day. But this week, the number began to go down again.

Instead of becoming frustrated, or thinking that my plan wasn’t working, I just kept going. I added an extra Plexus Pro Bio 5 at night, but other than that I kept the same routine and stayed consistent. Along with my Plexus supplements, I drank water, walked and watched my food choices (even had a treat day).

The morale of the story? Don’t quit! There will be ups and downs, stalls and plateaus, easy and hard days.

In the words of Nemo…Just keep swimming. You will get there.

Blessings and great health to you,


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