Get to the Root

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Hole in a piece of paper revealing the words 'root cause'.

Allergy pills do not eliminate the source of your allergies .

Avoiding gluten does not heal your gluten intolerance 🍪.

Applying lotion to eczema does not address why you are getting it in the first place 👎🏼.

Taking a sleeping pill does not get rid of your insomnia 😴.

Taking Ibuprofen for chronic pain and inflammation does not address the cause of the discomfort 😬.

Drinking coffee does not fix your problem with chronic fatigue ☕️.

What does?➡️

Getting to the ROOT CAUSE. In most cases that is blood sugar imbalance, inflammation, and/or gut health.

PRO TIP…Deal with the cause instead of masking the symptoms.

Message me or comment here if you are ready to address the ROOT CAUSE. I can help!

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